Our School Vision and Values



The British Section, SHAPE international School


International, Incredible, Inspiring.


The philosophy behind our educational vision comes through collaboratively examining the context of our environment and locality, taking in inspirational pedagogical research and experiences, rooted by a foundation on how we would like to develop our pupils as people of the world.


It can be viewed as follows:




These are our aims:


International Integration

We aim to promote global respect, â€‹tolerance and confidence â€‹through enriching, international

learning opportunities.​


We aim to build awareness, understanding and​ empathy for the environment in which â€‹we live.  


Inspiring Teaching and Learning

We aim to provide learning that â€‹motivates and challenges, that​ 'fires the imagination,' that inspires all involved and instils a will to apply further. â€‹


To ‘inspire’ is the goal!


Be Incredible! Show your character

We aim to equip our children with effective building blocks of strength and virtue to flourish in an ever-changing, ever-challenging world, by promoting our ‘Character Virtues.’ These are:


  • Be honest
  • Be caring
  • Be respectful
  • Be brave
  • Be responsible
  • Be helpful
  • Be fair
  • Be grateful


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