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It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you as headteacher of our school and I hope you find this website both interesting and useful.

We are a British Section of an international school campus, serving families from the British military community, as well as some affiliated civilians, NATO personnel and international military, based at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), in Belgium. 

The British Section, SHAPE is a fascinating school. Set in a community of 29 different nationalities, we care passionately about nurturing our pupils as people with international tolerance and respect, as well as global confidence and awareness. We provide real-life opportunities for our children to learn with, about and from other nationalities and about our European locality. This is what makes our school unique. 

Our goal is to inspire. Informed by research and professional exploration, we are committed to providing teaching and learning opportunities that fire our pupils' imagination, motivate, challenge and deepen, instilling a will to apply knowledge, skills and understanding further. When you experience this as a student, it is very a special type of learning. This is what we want for our children. 

This mission is underpinned by a values-based approach centred on character education. We say, "Be Incredible: Show your Character and Use your Learning Powers." Through this, we aim to nurture pupils that not only achieve their academic potential, but develop as responsible, respectful and resilient individuals. 

We are incredibly proud to share our school building with the Canadian Section of SHAPE International School. Together we are affectionately known as the UKCAN School (pronounced 'You can!') Having started this journey in 2018, we continue to develop our exciting international partnership in ways that enrich the learning experience of all involved in the school. 

The British Section, SHAPE: Incredible, International, Inspiring

Gary Margerison

Gary Margerison
Headteacher, The British Section
SHAPE International School   

British Section, SHAPE International School, SHAPE, BFPO 26

Tel: 0032 (0) 65 445283

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