Physical Education (PE)

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement 

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. 


At the British Section, children receive a PE curriculum which allows them to exercise their physicality through a carefully designed and structured programme of study. The children are progressively and systematically taught to apply skills, knowledge and understanding in order to develop a physical skill set across a range of sports and activities. 

Our physical education curriculum is shaped by our whole school vision and curriculum intent. Our school values are seen throughout our physical education curriculum. Teaching and learning within the PE curriculum supports the fostering of the British Section’s Character Virtues and Learning Powers as an essential aspect of the culture and ethos of our school. At the British Section children work inclusively within their physical education lessons, enabling all children, regardless of background, ability, additional needs, to flourish and excel - to become the very best version of themselves they can possibly be.  

At the British Section, we value physical education because we know the importance of giving the children the tools and understanding required to make a positive impact on their own physical health and well-being. Physical education develops the children’s practical skills in order to participate, compete and lead a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to ensure that the children experience a wide breadth of learning and have, by the end of each key stage, long-term memory of an ambitious body of fundamental movement knowledge and the semantic knowledge of tactics and strategy, leadership, personal and social and vocabulary. 

All children will develop a life-long delight and involvement in physical activity and develop healthy lifestyles. Children demonstrate perseverance when learning a wide variety of sports and physical skills. When learning a new sport or skill they are responsible, resourceful and seek strategies to overcome barriers and challenges, relishing these on the way to success as part of the learning process. Children learn how to cooperate and collaborate with others, as part of a team; understand fairness and equality of play.  

At every opportunity, the intent of the British Section PE curriculum is to develop powerful and meaningful associations between the subject content and the military and civilian professional applications of that content.    


The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils: 

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities 
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time 
  • engage in competitive sports and activities 
  • lead healthy, active lives. 


At SHAPE International School British Section, we ensure high standards of teaching and learning in Physical Education through implementation of a progressive curriculum. Physical Education is taught discreetly, focusing on knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum which provides a broad framework and outlines the knowledge and skills taught in each Key Stage. Teachers plan lessons for their class using the Home of Primary: PE curriculum to ensure the teaching is progressive from year group to year group.  

Our curriculum has wide breadth and clear progression of interconnected knowledge and skills. It is ambitious for all groups, including SEND. Greater depth opportunities are available for every learner to reflect our high expectations, provide them with competition and encourage them to participate in sport at a higher level. It is designed to increase each child’s self-confidence and aspirations, recognising the way in which physical activity can play an important role in the personal development of each child. Learning at the British Section aims to inspire and motivate children to continue with a life-long delight and involvement in physical activity and develop healthy lifestyles. 

As children progress, our intent is that the curriculum provides all children with opportunities to become physically confident and resilient in ways which supports their health and fitness. We provide an engaging, strenuous, challenging and diverse physical education for all children. We want all children to experience a wide variety of sports and physical skills which will enhance life-long fitness and life choices. We strive to deliver a high-quality physical curriculum that inspires all children to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. 

All teaching of PE follows a progressive development of skill and knowledge within a unit and each unit is built on through the EYFS and primary stages. Each unit purposefully nurtures the development of technical knowledge and the progression of a culminative skills base.  

The units we teach are: 

  • cross country 
  • tag rugby 
  • dance 
  • gymnastics 
  • netball 
  • athletics 
  • strike and field games 
  • orienteering 
  • swimming 

The PE curriculum is supported by an offer of a diverse range of extra-curricular activities. 

Children take part in intra-school competitions throughout the year, demonstrating high levels of respect and compassion for themselves and their competitors. 


The effective planning and teaching of design and technology by our staff, which develops the culminative progression of skills and knowledge from EYFS to Year 6, and which incorporates all of the strands of the National Curriculum, allows us to ensure that the pupils of the British Section are able to nurture a profound understanding of, appreciation for, and expertise in physical education. 

Our focus on skills progression and enjoyment, enables pupils to be inspired to develop increasing levels of expertise in PE. The impact of our PE curriculum is in the development of our pupils’ ability to deliberately use their body expertly and for maximum impact; to understand how they can develop their own physical excellence and why it is important that they do so; and to have experienced physical and sporting endeavour as enjoyable and worthwhile activities.  

Our effective teaching of design and technology will impact on the students in the following ways: 

  • All children nurture a love of sport and physical activity both in and out of school with this continuing into later life. 
  • All children will have worked on their own aspirations in relation to PE and this will be carried on after leaving KS2, with children continuing to participate for enjoyment or competitively.  
  • All children are able to discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how this is achieved.  
  • All children will develop skills that underpin life such as teamwork, sportsmanship, self-motivation, resilience and independence. 


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