Curriculum Vision Statement

The Vision for the English Curriculum

The British Section Curriculum offers a deep and coherent structure through which all pupils can flourish academically, socially and emotionally. 

It is underpinned by our school wide vision of International, Inspiring, Incredible, and the threads of our school’s Character Virtues and Learning Powers are weaved through it. 

The British Section Curriculum ensures that all pupils embed the knowledge and skills across a wide variety of subjects to enable them to redefine and recreate their own understanding of the world, and to succeed within it as International, Inspirational and Incredible human beings.  

Content Rationale 

The statutory content of the National Curriculum for England provides the spine of the British Section Curriculum, but discretionary content has been chosen to support the vision and ethos of the school; to make best use of its unique context and location; to embed subject specific skills and knowledge coherence and progression throughout; and to provide a broad and balanced offer across the whole of the British Section. 

Structure Rationale 

The structure of each curriculum strand is defined by the requirements of the subject. The structure of each subject has been carefully considered to enable progression and mastery of knowledge and skills both from year to year, and within year.  

Pedagogical Approaches 

The pedagogical approach favoured in each subject curriculum is carefully chosen to meet the demands of that subject and to ensure maximum progress and attainment (for example, a Key Question approach in history or problem solving in maths). The curriculum in its entirety, however, is defined by its focus on explanation as a means of both nurturing greater depth understanding and as a tool through which that level of understanding can be assessed. 




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