Subject Vision Statement – Music

Content Rationale

  • All pupils have the opportunity to experience a broad, balanced musical education, so developing the ‘whole’ child in a holistic sense
  • Music has a ‘universal’ appeal to all ages and as such should be creative and achievable
  • A high-quality musical education, will engage and inspire pupils to enjoy this subject, allowing them to develop their self-confidence and musical talent
  • Our musical curriculum focuses upon the required musical elements of performing, improvising and composing, listening, reviewing and evaluating music from a wide variety of genres
  • It adheres to the related dimensions of music: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure, and appropriate musical notation

Structure Rationale

  • The structure of the musical curriculum is focussed upon the demands of the National Curriculum objectives by the end of each Key Stage
  • It is based around a developmental, sequential structure building upon the required skills and knowledge for all age groups
  • Within this structure, is a degree of adaptability and flexibility, allowing for the needs of individual classes and pupils
  • Cross curricular links are made (where appropriate)
  • There is a Wider Opportunities Focus (WOP’s) for pupils in Key Stage 2

Pedagogical Approaches

  • A range of individual, partnerships and small group approaches to learning
  • Investigating and exploring sound is relevant to all ages but particularly appropriate to EYFS/KS1
  • WOP’s learning is mostly appropriate to Key Stage 2 pupils due to the fact that having mastered the ability to read, these skills can then be transferred to starting to learn to read staff notation and other forms of notation
  • Collaborative discussion and assessment of musical outcomes help the individual to ‘grow’ as a performer
  • Opportunities for performance throughout the year

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