Before and After School Childcare


The British Section does not directly run a before and after school childcare facility. However provision is available through the wider SHAPE establishment.


Before School

FS2 - Y6 Supervision is provided on the school playground from 0830 hrs. Children can access the school bus service from the age of 5 years.  Depending upon housing location, the majority of these buses leave between 0800-0815.  To use the school bus, your child must be registered with the School Bus Service.  This can only be done upon receipt of your SHAPE ID card. Please contact the SHAPE Bus Service office on 0032 65 44 4013 for additional information. 

The Child Development Centre (CDC) provide a before school club from 0600 hrs as a fee paying service.  Please contact Parent Central on 0032 65 32 3839 for more information. 


After School

Children in FS1 are able to acces the British School's Extended Day Care (EDC) service until 1500hrs, term time only. This is held within the same setting as FS1 and is free for those parents who are eligible to receive 30hrs free child care per week (both UK parents working more than 16hrs pw.  For more information please see )  Those families who are not eligible, will be charged at a rate of £5.20phr (as of 06/04/20).   Please contact the school office for more information on 0032 65 44 5283.


Children in FS1 and FS2 who require childcare later than 1500hrs may attend the American run Child Development Centre (CDC)  from 1530-1800.  Children are escorted to the centre by members of British School staff.  This is a paid for service and can be accessed by contacting Parent Central on 0032 65 32 3839.


Pupils in Y1 - Y6 use the American run School Age Centre (SAC) which also operates until 1800hrs and is adjacent to the SHAPE International School campus.  Children are collected from the British School by members of the SAC team.  To access the service, please contact Parent Central on 0032 65 32 3839. 


Holiday child care provision

If you access the before and/or after school care provided by the CDC or SAC, then your child will be entitled to holiday care provision during the school holidays (with the exception of the long summer break) ie. Easter break, half term etc. 

If you require holiday care provision during the summer break, these centres also offer holiday activity weeks.   

If you would like to access any of these services, please contact the establishments directly.

British Section, SHAPE International School, SHAPE, BFPO 26

Tel: 0032 (0) 65 445283

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