Physical Education

Subject Vision Statement – Physical Education (PE)

Content Rationale

There is planned flexibility within sporting options to enable staff to teach sports that they have expertise in.

Traditional sporting activities, such as hockey, football, rugby and netball, provide the spine of our PE curriculum. These traditional sorts are enhanced through a wider provision with physical activities such as yoga and Zumba also taught across the school.

The emphasis in team sports allows for the development of parallel Character Virtues and Learning Powers, whilst simultaneously nurturing physical excellence.

Structure Rationale

Key whole school sporting events (tag rugby, football, cross country, netball, sports day) are utilised as celebrations of curriculum end points, and provide both a focus for development and a structure for the curriculum.

The repetition of key sports/activities across all phases supports the development of excellence and allows a deepening of sport specific skill sets.


Where possible, the personnel resources of British Forces are used to provide expert coaching.

The British Section’s Character Virtues and Learning Powers are both explicitly and implicitly taught through nurturing a ‘healthy’ approach to competition. This follows the ‘taught and caught’ ethos of the school’s cross-curricular Character Virtues.

For all competitive team games, it is essential to teach core skills, including individual and paired activities.

The use of technology to record and analyse performance is encouraged as a powerful formative assessment tool.

Children need to learn different core skills for each sport. However, time must be allocated to allow the children to execute what they have previously been practising by playing the actual game.

Wherever possible, PE lesson should take place outside.

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