Design and Technology

Subject Vision Statement – Design and Technology

Content Rationale

To promote the ethos that less done well is better than more done badly in terms of skill development.

  • Enjoyment - all children can develop their D&T skills centred around cookery / woodwork. These channels have the power to engage all children across the year groups. Children will be able to use their prior knowledge, interests, and home experiences especially in food and nutrition to support their practical skills.
  • Opportunity - streamlining the focus will ensure children can:

             Make WITHOUT designing

  Design WITOUT making

             Design AND make

  • Accessibility - The dedicated well-resourced kitchen/ workshop   makes the organisation, teaching and overall experience of cookery/ woodwork more accessible and promotes the ability to explore skills more deeply.
  • Community - A focus upon cookery / woodwork allows teachers to welcome the plethora of expertise within the community to support the D&T curriculum. This strengthens children’s knowledge and understanding of skills, widens their experiences and promotes the community’s vast cultural diversity.

Structure Rationale

  • Whole school D&T weeks – This will promote an exciting backdrop for the coverage and progression of skills across FS 1 – Year 6.
  • Allow teachers time to collaborate, plan and organise a more in depth exploration of D&T skills.
  • Highlights the process of D&T and the collective celebration of children's work.

Pedagogical Approaches

The expectation for developing  D&T skills is the same across all year groups. The distinction of teaching approaches will appear when the complexity of practical skills is necessary, alongside the teaching of analytical and evaluation skills that is required across KS2.

Below you can find the Curriculum Overview for this topic.

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